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How to create and develop cultural and art derivatives

1, the current status of domestic art derivatives: art derivatives exist in the country there is already a long time ago, the original mainly include the introduction of various museums and ancient art-related derivatives, is actually a souvenir derivative. At present, the concept of "derivatives" refers to derivatives related to contemporary and contemporary art. At present, their level of recognition and consumer intervention are not very high, and may be a stage of beginning and development. This is a current situation .
2, the current status of foreign art derivatives: Foreign derivatives as early as the start, has formed a relatively mature system, such as the Metropolis, the Louvre and all other major art galleries or museums, there are derivatives and development Department, making some derivative postcards, souvenirs, but also high-end replicas.
3, the conditions for the manufacture of art derivatives: the development and production of art derivatives is actually based on the high-end manufacturing industry, for example, you want to be a sculpture of the product involves a lot of technology, materials, if not mature The production system is impossible to complete. Now I think Made in China has been able to solve this problem, including a variety of print copy technology.
4, the art of derivative products is mainly to establish a distribution channel, the establishment of this distribution channel, a lot of development can have a sustained, rather than just point sales, it is very difficult, This is a manufacturing base that does not have the ability to copy or batch.

Our company works with many artists to create art derivatives.We use their paintings to print silk square scarves .We believe this new attempt will bring many new business opportunities in the future.