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“China-French Fashion Design and Brand Management” Forum Opens in Suzhou

On July 15th, with the support of the Suzhou Municipal Government Information Office and the Suzhou Traditional Crafts Revitalization Development Leading Group Office, the Suzhou Silk Industry Association and the Paris Institute of Applied Arts (Suzhou Center) were in Building 6 of Jinshi Wenchuang Garden, Gusu District. The Academic Report Hall held the “I Design for Suzhou” event and the “Chinese-French Fashion Design and Brand Management” forum. The purpose of this activity is to help Suzhou silk companies understand and learn the design trends and brand management experience of the international fashion industry, promote the revitalization of Suzhou traditional silk industry, promote international exchanges and cooperation, and lead the innovative creative design of Suzhou in the new era.
The Propaganda Department of Suzhou Municipal Committee, the Office of Suzhou Traditional Crafts Revitalization Development Leading Group, the Suzhou Silk Industry Association, the leader of Wujiang Silk Industry Association, the heads of some enterprises of Zhenze Silk Trade Association, five French fashion designers and several brand operation experts and Fashion students and students from the School of Applied Technology of Suzhou University attended the event.
Li Jie, director of the Suzhou Traditional Technology Revitalization Development Leading Group Office and director of the Suzhou Culture, Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau, said in his speech that the forum can help silk companies understand and learn international brand management and experience. Promote the revitalization of the traditional silk industry in Suzhou and promote the role of international exchange to promote oil.
Yang Wei, president of Suzhou Silk Industry Association, and the Suzhou Center of the Institute of Applied Arts in Paris, France, held the signing ceremony of the “Sino-French Fashion Design and Brand Management Service Center” strategic cooperation association. The opening of the scene by Director Li Jie and President Yang Wei brought the event to a climax.

Two Chinese and foreign management experts from the School of Applied Arts in Paris gave speeches. Five designers elaborated on the work, expounded the design concept of the work and their own views on brand management and design trends.

It is reported that after the event is launched, there are mainly two links:
First, design docking
Through the forum, the companies that need French design will directly connect with the five French designers of the Sino-French Fashion Design and Brand Management Service Center, and invite designers to visit the company in depth to understand the design needs and pain points of the company. Design guidance and design work for silk companies.
The Fashion Design Department of the School of Applied Technology of Suzhou University also sent senior students as volunteers and design assistants to assist French designers and entrepreneurs in communication and communication.
Second, documentary filming
The photographer will take part in the interaction between French designers and Suzhou silk companies during the two-month period, and vividly showcase the connection between individual enterprises and international design, showing how the traditional silk scarf industry in Suzhou actively seeks innovative design and integrates into international fashion trends. , thus the interactive process of transformation and upgrading. The documentary will be available for broadcast on Suzhou TV, Jiangsu Taiwan or CCTV.