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2018 spring trends

After a winter's silence, you can finally take off your down jacket and enjoy the beauty of early spring. But before you reopen the spring wardrobe, you must know the fashion trends in early spring.
Plaid suit
It's not my exaggeration. This spring, the personality of a woman's fashion must be inseparable from the checkered suit. There is no check pattern, really do not say that they love fashion. Plaid looks good not only in the different forms of transformation in the fashion trend, but also in the temperament it has accumulated over the years. It is a stable, gentle lady and cultural element. In the always serious atmosphere of suit suits, the appearance of Plaid suits shaped the image of "unreconformable". Let people love and be cautious, it seems that nothing is right. So in this year's Plaid trend, we see that everyone is stressing the shoulder line and the waist line, the exaggerated “square shoulder” and the slim waistline. The overall oversized style is not fit, but the smooth and smooth stitching is exactly like a sculpture. Three-dimensional.
2 exquisite fold detail
If you were embarrassed to wear a woman in the past few years, then you can completely put down your concerns this year. The pleat design with elaborate details eliminates the complexity and exaggeration of the court style. The details of a woman's delicate details and beautiful folds are not used in every garment. The pleats that are designed to be worn on the blouse or half skirt are easy to look old. The way to avoid old age is to choose fabrics that have a natural feel, and do not choose texture fabrics such as chiffon and silk.
3 sweet but not greasy pink
After experiencing a long period of "frigidity", the colors finally light up in the past few years. The pink color that accompanies a woman's life also occupies a popular color palette in various colors. From the elegant and elegant lavender powder, cherry blossom powder, to sweet and light dance shoes powder, millet powder. This spring, you can let romance fill your body. To make yourself look light and stylish, you can mix mint green, pink blue, lavender violet and pink. Put on pink remember to ease your mood, coupled with warm smile, pink style will look better.
4 bold color bumps
Linkfashion this spring is a season where you can boldly fight color. Random collisions of different colors, irregular rules filled with fashion. Those who seem to be old-fashioned are not likely to wear the colors of the body again. Just change the color with them to get a surprise. The collision of color blocks does not mean that all colors can be worn on the body, not indiscriminately superimposed. The collision of color blocks is more like a splash of ink. It seems that randomness is full of inspiration and intention. Really mastering the proportion of bad colors can be matched with the general direction of color cold and warm tone. Cool colors and cool colors, warm colors and warm colors are used. When you mix warm and cool colors, you should use the basic colors to make the transition.
5 Square silk scarf
Fashion square silk scarf let you walk in the 2018 in the forefront.Match with these four popular styles to highlight your style