Why are velvet fabrics in fashion

By Bill Wang | 29 June 2018 | 0 Comments

Do you think that after a year of velvet fire, the heat has subsided?It's not.Fashion dogs' love of velvet has burned into winter.No, it's going to burn until next year.

Chanel has just launched its annual Metiers d'art workshop series in Paris, which includes a number of velvet items. It seems that this fabric will continue to be popular next year.

Metiers d 'art show held every year before New Year, is the highest C handicraft runway shows, not in the conventional fashion weeks, because to be released in September next year spring and summer fashion trend after a show, so called is early autumn the release of the series.

Winter has not been able to hold the suspender velvet skirt, it should be replaced by a long skirt and trousers.Too cold to wear a slanted shoulder suit?Use a suit coat and gown to match the velvet elements on your upper body.


The velvet texture itself looks warm and feels relatively heavy.Choose the word of brunet velvet coat not only fabric lets him keep warm, and brunet lets others look in the winter also can give a kind of heavy feeling.When my boyfriend heard that I was going to write velvet, he said, oh, the curtain material.So I'm going to show you how much fashion you can get out of the velvet that seems to be used for curtains or has been mistaken for old-fashioned fabrics.

Black, dark blue is especially easy to handle, and almost any other suit jacket you wear is the safest, but velvet has a sort of non-reflective quality that makes it less boring.For a versatile look, opt for both colors and pair them with matching suit pants and jeans.Interior and accessory options for jumping colors will have a bright spot.
For example, If you wear a red silk scarf like the picture's modle.It's going to be great.
If the preference is the color of the jump, such as red and green, also can choose dark green and red wine, does not fear the dark will not wear a restive disco, wind restoring ancient ways instead of feeling ran out of minutes.

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