The spring fashion with textile digital print

By Billwzx | 05 June 2018 | 0 Comments
In the spring , the print pattern has once again become a popular element of the fashion industry. Reporters visited and found that in the spring of this year's new clothing, there are many brands launched a print design, such as Valentino (Valentino) designers printed dandelions on a long dress, increased the flow of this dress sense; The designers of Dries Van Noten and Paris Rochas preferred chrysanthemums. Both simple cardigans and lively skirts were paired with chrysanthemums, giving people a fresh and elegant feel. Bottega Veneta The designer inlaid a silky daisies on the V-neck dress to make it exquisite and personal; Celine's designer inlaid a retro-style print on the skirt. Changed the minimalist style of the past; Dolce & Gabbana's designers embroidered passionate, bright roses and carnations in sexy black lace skirts, and then matched them with tassels to show a different style.
Compared with the pure color fashion, the printed pattern fashion is even more difficult to control, and stress the matching method, there are the following four principles for textile digital print:
1. The same color
If you choose a fashion with a printed pattern, you must have the same color in your whole body, so that it looks harmonious. If the colors look a bit monotonous, you can use the secondary colors of the shirt print pattern with the main colors of the skirt or trouser print to achieve a harmonious and uniform effect.
2. Black and white
Black and white are always the most classic collocations. Whether they wear several kinds of printed items or not, as long as they are black and white, the overall shape will look very harmonious.
3. Size
Distinguishing size printing patterns is an important principle of mix-and-print printing fashion, that is, the combination of large pattern printing and small pattern printing, so that it can highlight the key, but will not make the overall effect appear too messy.
4. Different colors of the same type
Combining print patterns of the same type and different colors can create a visual sense of fashion; and this style of matching is low-key and reserved, suitable for people with conservative styles.
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