How to customize your own silk scarves

By Bill Wang | 24 February 2018 | 0 Comments
We are a professional scarf manufacturers. We have more than 15 years experience for scarf manufacture . Now i will tell you how to make a nice scarf.

Step one : The fabric purchasing.  Our factory is located in Suzhou , a very famous city for silk fabric and scarves. And it's very close to Shanghai.So we can find very good qlt's silk fabric.  So we can control the fabric's quality for you.

Step two: Design.   We have design and color matching team. So we make custom scarf for you. You can give us your own desigens or choose our desigens,even you only have a fabric, send to us ,we can draw the desgin for you.

Step three: Print. Our factory have digital print machines ,so we can manufacture digital printing scarf, and we can also make screen print, we have very good workmanship for printing.

Step four :Hemming  .We have make different kinds of scarves ,such as silk square scarves ,silk shawl. You can choose hemming the scarf by hand work or by machine. We have the best skill for hemming in China.

So if you want to make custom scarves . Please contact to us .

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